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To begin, search on an address in the search box above. When an address is selected, it will appear on the map along with Qualified Sales (?) for 2009 and 2010. Click on a sale or in the table below to show more information and link to our RELookup site. For more information, please check out our Video Tutorial (Flash).

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What is a Qualified Sale?

This site shows all of the qualified sales that were available for analysis from 2009 and 2010.

County appraisers put the most weight on sales from the latter part of 2010. However, sales volume is down from preceding years, so the 2009 sales give a point of reference. We adjusted values downward where needed based on market trends.

These are qualified sales, meaning the transfers of property that met the definition of "market value": The most probable price that a property would bring on an open market, between typically motivated buyers and sellers, without undue stimulus.

Qualified sales are between parties that have no prior relationship and are not acting out of duress.

Foreclosures, bank sales, government sales, and other types of distressed sales are not shown on these maps; however, as the number of these has risen over the past two years they do have a measurable impact on the market value of properties within the neighborhood. County appraisers have tools that measure the percentage change in market prices attributable to the effect of distressed sales.

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Welcome to Reval: Qualified Sales

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